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Wooden rack of sourdough bread

Elevating the Art of Bread Making with the RackMaster RM2020

Dive into the enchanting world of Simply Silva, where Stephanie, a passionate bread artisan, transforms her Howell, New Jersey, micro bakery with the revolutionary RackMaster RM2020. Join Stephanie on a baking odyssey as she shares the magic of unleashing this innovative oven's prowess, cutting bake times from 12 to 4 hours! Witness the crispy crusts, higher rises, and limitless opportunities it brings to her small business. The RackMaster isn't just an oven; it's a game-changer. Discover its British-made brilliance, versatility, and the art of elevating every dish. Say goodbye to compromises and explore the RackMaster RM2020—your gateway to a new era of baking excellence!
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four sourdough bagettes with open crumb

Sourdough vs. Commercial Yeast: Exploring Flour's Influence on Taste and Microbes

Unleash the delicious potential of sourdough bread! Discover the fascinating differences between sourdough and commercial yeast, and how using different flours can create unique flavors and microbial diversity. Dive into the captivating world of sourdough baking and unlock the secrets of extraordinary taste. Don't miss out on this intriguing exploration!
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three sourdough starters in front of a loaf of sourdough bread

Reviving Dried Sourdough Starter: From Dehydrated Magic to Incredible Bread

Discover the secrets to reviving a dehydrated sourdough starter and unlock the incredible flavors of homemade sourdough bread. This comprehensive guide walks you through the steps of rehydration, providing tips and insights for successfully bringing your dormant starter back to life. Whether you're a beginner without a starter or looking to revive an old one, this post has you covered. Explore the benefits of using dehydrated sourdough starters and find the perfect match for your bread preferences. Get ready to embark on a delicious sourdough baking journey and create mouthwatering loaves that will impress family and friends.
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Bread By Elise Baking Steel Sheet made using 100% Canadian Steel.

How Do I Bake Sourdough On Steel? 10 Easy Steps!

We know that sourdough bread needs to be baked at a high temperature and with steam, but how do you do that using steel to bake with?
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A loaf of artisanal sourdough bread in a proofing basket

What Can I Use Instead Of a Proofing Basket?

There are many containers that people can use in place of a proofing basket to bulk proof their sourdough bread dough.
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Sourdough starter in glass jars with flour in wooden bowls and wooden spoon for mixing

How Can I Keep My Sourdough Starter Safe?

Foremost in our daily routine is keeping our sourdough starter safe from harm such as bacteria. Bacteria in a starter is equal to a disaster which would end the life of Sourdough Starter extraordinaire Jane Dough and she would end up in garbage.
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A slice of sourdough bread topped with avocado and seasonings

Reimagining Day-Old Sourdough: Top 5 Recipes to Transform Leftover Bread

Discover the incredible potential of day-old sourdough with our top 5 recipes! Don't let your leftover bread go to waste. Explore creative and delicious ways to repurpose day-old sourdough, transforming it into mouthwatering culinary creations. From hearty bread pudding to crunchy croutons, each recipe unlocks the unique flavors and textures of sourdough bread, giving it a delightful second life. Unleash your culinary creativity and make the most of your day-old sourdough with these enticing recipes.
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Artisan Sourdough Bread

Why is Sourdough Bread Good For You?

Sourdough bread is one of the best carbohydrates out there on the market. Here are 4 reason why!

Easier to digest

Thanks to its prebiotic and probiotic properties sourdough it's easier to digest than regular bread. Plus, the sourdough starter that we use in making a loaf of sourdough bread "pre-digest" the gluten. What does this mean? Sourdough bread is often tolerated by people with gluten-sensitivities!

Blood Sugar Control

Scientist believe that sourdough fermentation slows down the speed at which sugar enters the bloodstream making sourdough bread products a great choice for people with blood sugar control issues.

More Nutritious

Sourdough bread contains higher levels of folate and antioxidants than other breads. When we consider that a loaf of bread one buys at the local grocery store contains close to 30 ingredients and sourdough contains 3, we know instinctively that properly made sourdough doesn't contain fillers or any other bad chemicals. This allows for the nutritional ingredients to be available to the human body.

Low Glycemic Index

So look at this!

Whole Wheat Bread contains 74 on the GI index. White bread is 75 on the GI index. SOURDOUGH come in at 54 on the GI index. Everyone should be eating sourdough if they do not have an allergy to gluten. It's just so much more healthy! 

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