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OVAL Proofing Basket Banneton


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25 cm (10 inch)

Professional Oval Bread Proofing Basket for home or commercial bakery use keeps the oval shape during the proofing phase. You can use without the cotton liner for a beautiful spiral look or with the liner for a smooth pallet to score a beautiful design.

Get the right look for your artisan bread battard with a classic proofing basket! To get the right size basket for your dough: 

The 25 cm (10 inch) is good for 500-750 g of dough 

Important Details

Made with high quality, Indonesian cane, and fixed using stainless-steel nails. Outstanding quality and workmanship. Proofing baskets (Banneton in French; Brotform in German) will produce professionally made artisan bread at home or in the bakery.

These baskets are handmade using only quality natural rattan cane that is grown and harvested, using an air-dried method to deter mold growth. No use of fungicides.


• Rattan Cane – air-dried without the use of fungicides

• Baking Tool, Banneton, Brotform

• Nonrusting Stainless-Steel Nails

• Oval Form

Included in package: 1 oval rattan proofing basket with liner, silica packet.

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