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Photo of Bread By Elise team

Élise Started Her Own Business After Little Employer Support

Started as a micro-bakery at home, Bread by Élise continues to thrive using online shop during the pandemic.

Background: Élise Pelletier, head sourdough artisan at Bread by Élise, grew up in Montréal, Québec, surrounded by French bakeries and yummy bread. Élise began making sourdough bread in 2018, and her passion grew into a desire to bake bread for others. 

Today, Pelletier makes bread in a micro-bakery run by her mother Lisa Robitaille, who is also the director of business operations at the bakery. She uses 100 per cent locally sourced flour and sea or kosher salt to guarantee the best flavor and texture. 

“Élise has developmental disabilities, so this was a challenge for her to find work. Sadly, not many employers will support special needs persons even with the support of government programs. I was determined to find something for Elise to do in the food industry but kept having doors slam on us,” said Robitaille.

“Even her lead organization misunderstood Elise’s capacity, which I have to say was extremely disappointing. I knew Elise could manage to work; she just needed someone who believed in her, which I do and then I created an opportunity for her in the form of this bakery,” said Robitaille.

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