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Our Story

Bread By Élise is an online family-owned and operated local Kingston, ON bakery that makes fresh sourdough bread. We established our bakery in 2018 when my daughter Élise and I started introducing more fermented foods into our diet. We also wanted to incorporate foods with a low glycemic index and sourdough was the perfect solution!

We started with sourdough 100% plant-based and vegan-friendly loaves and have now expanded our menu to provide our customers with more delicious options to add to their diet. With pizza dough and bagels, you have more freedom to make healthier choices in your day-to-day life. And for those with a sweet tooth, we have started incorporating our sourdough with baked goods and pastries, in addition to launching “Elise’s Dessert Boxes” every week. 

We also sell all things sourdough such as, sourdough bread starter kits, proofing baskets, and baking tools – available in our online store. You can pre-order fresh-baked sourdough bread for pick-up or delivery online.

Introducing Brot & Tieg

BROT & TIEG is a company started in order to fulfil larger orders of our famous artisan sourdough to the surrounding areas and beyond. Our name gets its meaning from German origins: BROT meaning bread and TIEG has two meanings, pastries or dough.

BROT & TIEG supplies sourdough made with organic Canadian flour that is 100% plant based and vegan friendly, getting our ingredients by supporting local. We currently provide biscotti’s, sourdough pizza dough and dried starter for specialty grocery stores, health food stores, and fine kitchen suppliers. 

Why Sourdough Bread?

Who We Are

My name is Lisa! I am a mother, business owner, and baker. Since I was a young girl, I have spent my time in the kitchen baking with my mother and grandmother. My grandmother was such a wonderful baker who made delicious pies and bread throughout her life, and through watching her I developed a love for baking. It was my grandmother who inspired me to continue baking as she was always very proud of my cakes. I wanted to continue making her proud by feeding my passions (and my loved ones!). 

In my 30s, I had my very first experience kneading bread dough on my own. The process was therapeutic as it brought me to a wholesome space that connected me to the earth and natural way of bread making. As I started a family, I made baking an important part of our lives and found incredible joy when my daughter Élise and I began making sourdough bread. 

The more bread we made, the more I was reminded of my love for holding dough and it brings back that feeling I had learning to knead bread for the first time. With sourdough bread being such a healthy alternative and great for many people with sensitivities, I saw an opportunity to bring my passions and a healthy food option to my local community. 

Bread By Élise is inspired by my grandmother, my love for baking, and most importantly my daughter. I love having my own place where I get to experiment with the menu, test out new treats, and also enjoy my daughter’s company and support along the way. 

My biggest support in the kitchen is Élise, she is autistic and is an exceptional visual learner with amazing memory capabilities. Élise has a wonderful mind, and when we began making sourdough bread, she was fascinated with learning the art and science of wild yeast and enjoyed watching the sourdough starter grow. Élise enjoys the process as much as I do, and I’m proud to give her an environment where she can apply her abilities through baking in a loving and comforting atmosphere. This year, Élise will begin working with her culinary coach and make “Élise’s Dessert Box” every Friday. 

I am so grateful for the wonderful support from our community and we are continuing to expand and grow our menu!  I’ve got many exciting ventures planned for the future - Stay tuned!

We acknowledge that Bread By Élise and Kingston Ontario is on the shared traditional Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee territory. 

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