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Our Sourdough Bread Process

Step 1: Before We Begin

1. We put our orders into a log book to keep track day-by-day

2. We prepare the dough for our orders 1-2 days in advance of your pick-up/delivery selection. This gives the dough the perfect amount of time to ferment before baking and provides our customers with the freshest sourdough bread

Step 2: Preparation stage

1. We mix water, levain (starter), salt and our finest organic Canadian flour milled in Ontario into small batches

2. We then place our batches to ferment for 3 hours at room temperature (20-22℃)

3. During the fermentation process, the gluten gets stronger and the flavour of the flour begins to mature and form as a dough (learn more below) 

4. We then shape the dough into our menu items and place into a proofing basket which goes into a cold proof/refrigerator overnight

Step 3: Baking Your Bread

1. After the dough has fermented in a proofing basket overnight, the ovens are started the next morning

2. The bread is baked for 21 minutes with steam, and 17 minutes without steam to brown the outside

Step 4: Putting It Together

1. The bread then needs 30-60 minutes to cool down

2. Finally, your bread is then packaged in recyclable kraft bags, labeled, and set out for pick up or delivery.

We Support Local

- Our primary flour is Ardent Mills Organic Strong White Baker’s Flour. This flour has a high protein content. We purchase this flour from Rudolph, located in Montreal, as well as our organic Dark Rye and Red Fife, and they deliver right to our door. 

- We get our organic Whole Grain flour from 1847 Stone Milling located in Fergus, Ontario. They are a small farm and grow heritage grain. Myself and other bakeries from Wolfe Island purchase our flour together. 

- We use sea salt and many of our dry goods also from Tara Natural Foods 

- Our other supplies come from Sigrid's Natural Foods as well

- We use local delivery services for those who select delivery at checkout. We delivery on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday either with YGK Takeaway or ShopCentral

Who Can Eat Sourdough Bread?

Sourdough bread is a naturally leavened bread which ultimately means it doesn’t use commercial yeast. It is made by using a ‘starter’ which is a mixture of fermented flour and water containing wild yeast and good bacteria that will raise the dough. This ‘starter’ contains Lactobacilli bacteria, which is great for your gut health and makes the bread more nutrient by neutralizing phytic acid found in the wheat’s bran and also breaks down some of the carbs and proteins. 

“Fermented versions of foods, like sourdough or yogurt, are often better tolerated than the original version. This is due to the presence of the beneficial bacteria known as probiotics, which can help strengthen the gut microbiome. The fermentation process also works to lower the amount of substances that normally cause adverse reactions. When eaten regularly, fermented foods enhance digestion and immune function, lowering the potential for further food reactions as well.” (National University of Health Sciences)

With the main ingredient being flour, sourdough isn’t gluten-free, and those who are celiac cannot have sourdough. 

However, those with gluten intolerances and non-celiac gluten sensitivities (NCGS) can have sourdough but should approach with caution. The fermentation of sourdough that gives the delicious taste, also makes the bread more gut friendly allowing those with sensitivities to most often have no issues. 

At Bread By Élise, you can trust that we make true quality homemade starter to bring our customers the most natural, fresh, and authentic sourdough bread. We’ve had our customers with sensitivities be very grateful to bring bread back into their diets. 

If you are unsure about whether you can have sourdough bread, please view the extra sources below - if you would like to see if you can have our sourdough, we let you try a sample slice free of charge.

“Long-Fermented Sourdough - delicious

The bread is delicious. I am gluten intolerant and can eat this bread with no stomach upset. They have been very gracious about answering a ton of questions. I will be buying this bread again and again.”
Sandy Fox

We acknowledge that Bread By Élise and Kingston Ontario is on the shared traditional Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee territory. 

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