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Introducing Brot & Teig

In 2021, after a very successful year of expanding our sourdough menu and making a name for Bread By Élise in the local Kingston area - we are happy to announce we are expanding into wholesale under the BROT & TEIG Company!

BROT & TEIG is a company started in order to fulfil larger orders of our famous artisan sourdough to the surrounding areas and beyond. Our name gets its meaning from German origins: BROT meaning bread and TEIG has two meanings, pastries or dough.

As sourdough has become a popular substitution for traditional bread and dough in many people’s diets, we saw the opportunity to bring our beloved sourdough bread to even larger markets throughout Ontario.

Just like the Blue Heron in our logo, the founder of Bread By Élise and BROT & TEIG, Lisa Robitaille, has shown incredible strength, patience, self-reliance and determination in her craft as a baker and success as a business owner. Being able to expand her small bakery is a true testament to her Heron spirit, and thus became the inspiration for this new branch. 

BROT & TEIG supplies sourdough made with organic Canadian flour that is 100% plant based and vegan friendly, getting our ingredients by supporting local. We currently provide biscotti’s, sourdough pizza dough and dried starter for specialty grocery stores, health food stores, and fine kitchen suppliers. 

By joining our wholesale list, you will be joining a supportive community of sourdough lovers.


Wholesale orders must be given 7 days in advance to give us time to prepare the order. Please contact us below.

Please contact us through our form by hitting the button below, or by phone at 514-922-0624.

Order by Monday for pickup the following Tuesday.

We acknowledge that Bread By Élise and Kingston Ontario is on the shared traditional Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee territory. 

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