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The Kit - Sourdough Bread Baking Kit


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Whether you are gifting someone you love with this sourdough bread baking kit, have made sourdough before and lost your starter, or are brand new to the art of making sourdough, this Sourdough Bread Baking Kit has everything you need to bake bread for you and your family for years. 


Receive 2 hours of virtual one-on-one coaching for any beginner to get started with sourdough bread making, when purchasing this essential starter kit. Feel confident as Bread By Elise supports your learning through step-by-step instruction geared toward your unique learning style.

This bundle kit includes:

  • 10 g DRY Sourdough Starter Culture (can take up to 7 days to revive) w/ instructions on how to revive.
  • 100 g of Organic Flour to revive your DRIED Sourdough Starter Culture over 5 days (just add filtered water)
  • 1 – Banneton Basket (you choose the shape and the size) with cotton liner for proofing your dough

  • 1 - Linen bread storage bag
  • 1 - Long-handled spatula to mix sourdough starter in a narrow jar
  • 1 - Metal bench scraper
  • 1 - Plastic bowl scraper
  • 1- Handheld flour sifter
  • 5 – Razor Blade for scoring your dough before baking 
  • 1 – Beginner Sourdough Bread Recipe 
  • 2 - hours of private virtual coaching (your choice of Text messaging, Zoom Call, Email)

*You will need to purchase a kitchen scale for weighing your ingredients if you do not already have one.

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