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Sourdough Focaccia


The Sourdough Focaccia combines organic all purpose flour, strong white baker's flour, also known as hard white (wheat), filtered water, extra virgin olive oil with cherry tomatoes, fresh chopped garlic, fresh rosemary and kosher or sea salt. The Sourdough Focaccia is naturally leavened with our regular wheat starter, using 100% certified Canadian organic flour, milled in Ontario.


  • This product contains 1 - 470 g focaccia
  • Packaged in recyclable parchment paper
  • Stays well at room temperature 1-2 days. 
  • Available for daytime delivery or pickup in Kingston's west end. Contact us for details.

 Allergy Information: 

Contains gluten

May have come in contact with tree nuts, sesame.

Flavour Vibes

  • Sunny summer day
  • Mediterranean seaside
  • An Evening with friends
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