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Wooden rack of sourdough bread

Elevating the Art of Bread Making with the RackMaster RM2020

Step into the enchanting world of Simply Silva, where Stephanie, the passionate bread artisan and creative force behind this quaint micro bakery in Howell, New Jersey, effortlessly weaves wonders with flour and creativity. Our paths crossed in the vibrant group of the Sourdough Micro Bakery Community on Facebook, where Stephanie and fellow bakers share their baking adventures and discoveries. From the tantalizing aromas wafting through her kitchen to the visual feast on her Instagram page, Stephanie's love for baking knows no bounds.

Stephanie's Baking Odyssey

Today, we embark on Stephanie's baking odyssey and uncover the secret behind her culinary brilliance—the RackMaster RM2020.

Stephanie holding a stunning sourdough loaf made in the RackMaster RM2020

Stephanie's excitement is undeniable as she proudly shares that she is the 'new owner of the RM2020, and in just a month, she's unleashed its baking prowess six times! 

Picture this: from a 12-hour bake-a-thon to just 4 hours! The RackMaster isn't just an oven; it's a time-traveling wizard, unlocking new opportunities for my small business. Ideas flow in faster than I can stretch and fold.

Stephanie unveils the transformation of her classic sourdough loaf with the help of the RackMaster. "Crispier crusts, higher rises—I'm witnessing a baking revolution. It's pure bliss serving top-quality goods to my community."

Simply Silva's Rackmaster in her cottage bakery with sourdough bread on shelves

Reflecting on past struggles, Stephanie confides, "The RackMaster broke the chains. No more limiting inventory, no more holding back growth. It's a game-changer for my business and me."

As Stephanie delves into her favorite features, she explains with enthusiasm, "Venting made easy, even cooking, and the capacity to cook up a storm. I'm still uncovering this beauty's secrets, and the excitement is real!"

Spotlight on the RackMaster:

Explore what makes the RackMaster RM2020 stand out. British-made brilliance meets innovation, creating the ideal crispy crust and a flavorful crumb. It's more than an oven; it's a masterpiece.

Close up of the RackMaster RM2020 oven controls

From savory roasts to golden croissants, the RackMaster's magic isn't limited to bread. It's a versatile maestro in the kitchen, turning every dish into a culinary spectacle.

Not just for home bakers, the RackMaster is the secret ingredient for professionals. With commercial-grade construction and a full accessory package, it's the recipe for reliable, exceptional performance.


As we wrap up our journey through Simply Silva's cottage micro bakery and the RackMaster's magic, envision the possibilities in your own home. Say goodbye to compromises and let RackMaster, backed by Pleasant Hill Grain and RackMaster, be your guide to a new era of baking excellence. This investment is your guarantee for reliable, long-lasting performance. Ready to transform your micro bakery? Explore the RackMaster RM2020 and start your culinary adventure today!


Stephanie in her cottage bakery holding up an artisan loaf

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