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Wooden rack of sourdough bread

Elevating the Art of Bread Making with the RackMaster RM2020

Dive into the enchanting world of Simply Silva, where Stephanie, a passionate bread artisan, transforms her Howell, New Jersey, micro bakery with the revolutionary RackMaster RM2020. Join Stephanie on a baking odyssey as she shares the magic of unleashing this innovative oven's prowess, cutting bake times from 12 to 4 hours! Witness the crispy crusts, higher rises, and limitless opportunities it brings to her small business. The RackMaster isn't just an oven; it's a game-changer. Discover its British-made brilliance, versatility, and the art of elevating every dish. Say goodbye to compromises and explore the RackMaster RM2020—your gateway to a new era of baking excellence!
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